Friday, 19 December 2008


Wanni LTTE sources have indicated that SLA advances have been stalled in all fronts. There have been no new SLA thrusts apart from sporadic skirmishes in the past two days. This can be also be corroborated by the fact that all pro GoSL sites have been silent on battle field news. Political sources have indicated that both GoSL and the opposition are begging for the visit of Pranab Mukherjee as GoSL is rumoured to want a ceasefire due to soaring casualties, low morale and spiralling defence costs. The calls for a ceasefire comes amidst CJ's judgement on oil prices and the oil hedge gone wrong which is crippling the Sri Lankan economy.

Meanwhile SLAF fighter jets have once again attacked an IDP camp. The SLAF justifies these attacks by claiming that LTTE units are hiding in among civilians, sources have indicated to this blog owner that this claim is completely unfounded.

Will aim to provide more battlefield news in a few days.


Peter said...

Good update Mahen.

Now it is obvious that the SLA is suffering badly on the Killinochchi front.

This is SLA trying its hardest with more men and more money than ever before. Still, they can't even capture Killinochchi or even a Kili.

Soon, when LTTE offensive starts, it will be same old story again. SLA child soldiers will run home to mummy in Kandy.

Jay said...

"No Profanity of any kind will be accepted"
Thank you
Atlast a blog to share ones views and debate in a civilised manner without resorting to profanity and personal insults!

"Kiss me honey honey kiss me"

Peter said...

Look at how the same story is told by two modays websites

1. Army LK (yes, expect a rival to Harry Potter)

2. Daily Mirror

Peter said...

The funny part is,

most modays will read both stories of

suspect cuahgt no explosion


suspect caught after explosion

,and they will believe both.

FreedomFighter said...

Yes, this update corect. I can see that the sigala Cowards have turned against tamil civilians Sri lankan air force are bombing hispitals and schools.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Why SLAF is not bombing any hospitals and schools in Mannar and Vavunia, which are full of Tamils?

Navindran said...

Fantastic.. let's celebrate. Eelam is just around the corner! Long live Thalaivar!

wijayapala said...

Dear Mahen & Peter

"Wanni LTTE sources have indicated that SLA advances have been stalled in all fronts."

Again I think it is great that now you have your own blog where you can write your ideas without being ridiculed. I have a question for you:

Why did the LTTE wait until the SLA is right at Kilinochchi to "stall" the SLA???

Peter said...

Better to kill Sinhalese in Kili. Earlier Sinhalese had low expectations. But now they come gung-ho, expecting to wipe out Tamils. Always better to spring a surprise to wipe the smile off the face of the enemy.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

OK Peter,

If SLA wants to wipe out Tamils, why have not they already wiped out Tamils in SLA controlled areas like Vavunia, Mannar, Jaffna, Batticola etc?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

BTW Mahen and Peter,

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka or lived in Sri Lanka for more than three months at least when you are over 10 years old?

NOLTTE=Peace said...


The LTTE hierarchy brainwashes its cadres saying GOSL is on Tamil Genocide.

If it is the case why the GOSL not alone Tamils, but even the captured LTTE cadres are well treated and given them a future?

Why these people have been well-treated?

Those are some minor examples.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Oops this would hurt you guys!

A.K.Paranthaman said...

Good initiative.... Keep it up. But try and give updated and correct info and post every day unkile DEFENCELIER. He used to give 50% correct info earlier and he has become a garbage dump.

Navindran said...

NOLTTE, please leave this blog and go to a GOSL punakku site. This is 100% elamistan supporting non-punakku site.
This is completely 100% false reporting of LTTE ships being sunk:

This is government propaganda. I know my toilet cleaning wages are not wasted on these ships. Long live Thalaivar! I will work an extra toilet shift to buy more arms.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Hey Navindran,

My apologies! You know, I was trying to understand why these kids are what they are. That's all.

Please let them reply.

Pottu Amman said...

Another ship down the pallam. Donkeys will always be Donkeys.

Navindran said...

Pottu brother, this is all GOSL propaganda. LTTE ships are unsinkable.

ReJLoRd said...

Ceasefire? fuck that. let the tigers rape this bitches once and for all and send them back to their sorry moms.

i can tell by the silence that sla is getting fucked hardcore like sath jaya style.

cant wait till poonakari is recapture and sla is pushed back way deep into anuradhapura.

black tigers have been too silent for too long. im wondering when the fireworks are gonna start. first target mahinda rajafuckshe

wijayapala said...

Dear Peter,

"Better to kill Sinhalese in Kili. Earlier Sinhalese had low expectations. But now they come gung-ho, expecting to wipe out Tamils."

This explanation might make sense from a half-assed LTTE supporter in the diaspora perspective, but not military logic.

If the LTTE had achieved an early victory from mid-2006 through mid-2007, even a minor victory, Gotabaya and Fonseka would have been discredited and the Sinhalese youth would have thought twice about enlisting. With fewer military successes to show, the Mahinda regime would have had far greater difficulties winning popular support given the economic situation.

That window of opportunity closed when Thoppigala was liberated and the war shifted to the north. From that point onward the SLA has enjoyed an unprecedented recruitment rate and the creation of more units. There is simply too much SLA in the Wanni right now for the LTTE to make a comeback. It makes little difference whether the SLA offensive stalls; Kilinochchi will never be able to serve as the LTTE's de facto capital

"Always better to spring a surprise to wipe the smile off the face of the enemy."

Looking at photos of Thamilselvan's corpse on display last year, I can say for sure that the SLAF sprung a surprise and wiped the grin off his face! =)

wijayapala said...

Dear Rejected Lard

"i can tell by the silence that sla is getting fucked hardcore like sath jaya style."

Seems like amma didn't teach you proper history. Sath Jaya was the SLA operation in 1996 that led to the capture of Kilinochchi. If anyone got "fucked hardcore" it wasn't the SLA.

"cant wait till poonakari is recapture and sla is pushed back way deep into anuradhapura."

You're in for a long wait.

"black tigers have been too silent for too long. im wondering when the fireworks are gonna start. first target mahinda rajafuckshe"

If you're getting impatient, you are more than welcome to strap explosives to yourself and blow yourself up (preferably at a maaveerar nal gathering). I can assure you that you will not be sorely missed.

wijayapala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wijayapala said...

Dear outsider

"I cannot prove your assertion that racism and its associated hatred are not as big an issue inside Sri Lanka."

You can go there and see for yourself. Of course, if you're not able to speak Sinhala and/or Tamil then you won't be in a position to learn much (although that hasn't stopped punditry from non-SL sources so far).

"Your analysis of my Vietnam reference was too narrow minded."

I was going to say that your Vietnam reference was too shallow but I didn't want to be rude.

The Vietnamese Communists achieved victory primarily through their northern "Main Force" units who were full-time soldiers, not the southern black pajama-clad part-timers whom the Americans wiped out after the Tet Offensive. The Main Forces for the most part did not originate in the south but infiltrated from Communist N. Vietnam through the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail. They were an incredible hybrid between guerrillas and conventional soldiers, able to establish large formations deep behind enemy lines (unlike the LTTE, fyi).

The media (especially Sinhala media) tends to vastly overestimate the support that the LTTE gets from TN. The Tigers got non-lethal supplies such as medicine, batteries, etc. but they did not have an infrastructure in India to import munitions to sustain a full war. In any case, the govt. now controls the western coast, preventing the LTTE from using TN as a supply base.

I would be ecstatic if the LTTE cadre packed their bags, abandoned their camps and went home, allowing the SLA to seize their stocks and dismantle the LTTE's war machine. That would leave Prabakaran without any bodyguards.

"I concede your point that their ability to damage the SLA would be diminished but it was not the Vietnamese who forced the US army out of South Vietnam, it was the American public. A government cannot long resist the will of it's own people. That is the danger to the gosl if the Tamils are willing and motivated enough to fight an unending war."

The experience of the Eastern Province demonstrates that the Tamils are not willing and motivated to fight a losing war.

The American public got sick of fighting a far away war against a movement which did not directly threaten them. If the LTTE began demanding conscripts from the diaspora then Peter would be the first person here shrieking for a ceasefire and peace.

The war in Sri Lanka is not so far away for Mahinda's Sinhala electorate as the Vietnam War was for the Americans. That is why the CPA's polls show continuing support for Mahinda despite the economic problems, deterioration of governance and so forth.

"The challenge that your country faces extend beyond winning the war. It also must win the peace. Currently, you may succeed in the former but the past suggests that you will fail at the latter."

Although I generally agree with you there is another perspective. The Russians defeated the Chechnyan insurgency by using nothing but brute force. No hearts and minds, no confidence-building measures or any other sort of Western-derived counterinsurgency notions. It was inhumane and ghastly but it worked. Mahinda & friends are apparently embarking on this strategy and it remains to be seen whether it will work in SL.

Rumesh said...

It is a puzzle to all that why LTTE allowed SLF up to their backyard and providing stiff resistance now.
Certainly, the recent battle have embarrassed the defense planners caused to rethink their strategy. SLF used their battle hardened cadres to capture the vast territory in the region and extent their war front. Now facing difficulties to deploy their elite cadres in all front. In the recent battles, LTTE’s action was only defending their territory but it caused significant losses to SLA and it will predict the devastation if ceaseless waves 4 commences.

Pottu Amman said...

Dear Donkeys, any updates from the battle front. When will we see Task Force VIII's folly ??

Why we are donkeys;
1. We are running out of medicine, hospitals; but we are more concerned about GOSL medical facilities.
2. We have been using child soldiers for 30 years. But as the photo clearly showed, and proved (beyond a shadow of doubt); its GOSL who is the true child snatcher.
3. We lost the war from Toppigala to Pooneryn; but GOSL is the loser.
4. We are running out of ammo, able men, and literaly getting screwed; but its the GOSL who is begging for a ceasefire.
5. TamilNadu, Norway, NGOs, Wannabe Peaceniks..etc all begged for a CFA on behalf of LTTE, but its GOSL who is really begging.
6. We have been killing innocent people from day 1; bus bombs, train bombs, massacres...etc; but its always the GOSL who's doing the genocide.
7. Jaffna is mono-ethnic because we genocided the muslimian vermin; but still its GOSLs doing.
8. We forcefully recruit two from every family under our jackboot to be fertilizer (cannon fodder); but we are really really more concerned about the poor sinhalam lad who joined the GOSL forces for a pittance.
9. There was violence in Tamil Nadu, but its all GOSL doing. Sinhalams went to Chennai and sodomized Director Seeman.
10. We lose bus loads of freedom fighters daily; but we are so worried about the GOSL casualties and cry bucket loads for them.
11. We NEVER give our casualty counts... never; but if GOSL does the same, they are unethical bastards having no respect for the dead.
12. There is absolutely no (zero, zilch) development taking place in our area; but we are so concerned about the Sri Lanka economy.
13. We shed tears for the poor poor innocent housewives sent to the dreaded middle east; but we never give a cows hoot about the poor poor innocent force full recruit taking shrapnel up front in our front lines.

Please feel free to build on this.

Peter said...

I warned days ago that Sri Lanka will begin to bomb civilian settlements when defeated.

It is happening now. SLAF has been bombing schools and hospitals in Mulaiteevu non stop. That shows how badly SLA has been defeated.

They were on about kissing Killinochchi etc.,

If so, they should be bombing Killinochchi "earthbund" not Mulaiteevu hospitals.

If LTTE can stop SLA from invading Kili by New Year then the Sinhala child soldiers will surely run back to their mummies in Kandy.

Peter said...

If SLA was defeated earlier, Sinhala would have ditched Mahinda-Fonseka and went behind another modaya who promised them victory over Tamils.

Sinhala fickle modayas always switch side from losing leader and go behind another one making great promises. Banda family >> JRJ >> Premadasa >> Chandrika >> Mahinda.

Now Tamils have a good opportunity to show the Sinhala that they can never defeat and subjugate us on our own land.

So, it is good that Sinhala are putting all their man and material power in this war.

This time, when defeated, all the Sinhala will know that they can not commit genocide. Tamils won't allow that.

Pottu Amman said...

Dear Rumesh,

GOSL's war front is also LTTE's war front. If you look at the entire battle front; while Killinochci, Paranthan access is stalled; GOSL is rapidly progressing on the Mankulam, Olumadu, Oddusuddan, Mullaithivu fronts. GOSL has so many options for extending their battle fronts while we are getting boxed down day by day.

Our elite freedom fighters are dying daily while GOSL forces are multiplying like rabbits. TF4 is already deployed while TF5 is on the way. Mind you; these are all offensive divisions each having their very own Commando/Special Forces units in addition to amour and artillery support.

Only edge we had was our arti/mortar units; but with the latest navy strike at our precious supply vessel that's gone too. I hope the tree that grows mortars is still there. We really need it now.

And they have an effective counter to our dreaded (and costly) Ceaseless Waves. They call is MBRL but we call it "Oh Shit".

Peter said...


Sinhala Navy has responded to questions about LTTE supply lines.

Of course, everyone was wondering how LTTE can use artillery if LTTE supply vessels were sunk last year, as claimed by the Navy.

Now, another ship has been sank, thanks to NavyLK.

This sort of propaganda could have worked if it was used sparingly. But NavyLK sinks so many LTTE ships, that these events seem to have no impact on ground events.

NoFake said...


Congrats man. Good work. Btw, if you say no profanity is allowed, you need to impose that on all sides. Also, delete all comments by the fake id posters like fake Navindran.


"Why did the LTTE wait until the SLA is right at Kilinochchi to "stall" the SLA???"

The SLA has not been smashing thro tiger defences, they have been moving around the tiger defences. That option will run out with territory shrink, as being witnessed now.

The elite of the elite 53 division is facing insurmountable defence lines Muhamalai axis, putting up such defences for novice divisions should be child's play for LTTE.

Small team assault and DPU has gained the territory for SLA, the advantage it has enjoyed has become a liability now. Other than swimming in water-clogged quagmire, the SLA now has to watch out for tiger teams that roam behind ostensible frontlines.

The tigers have been excelling in the art of putting up impregnable defences. You might have heard about Puliyankulam of Jaya Sikuru er.

NoFake_55778819501 said...


I have modified my id to reflect my blogger id. You might find that useful to identify spineless cowards trying to steal my identity.

NoFake_55778819501 said...

My take on the warfront is the LTTE will not start a counter offensive anytime soon. They sure are keeping their offensive capabilities in top notch form, but they will enjoy harvesting SLA who had reached the death traps just now.

NoFake_55778819501 said...


Having a very large army is not necessarily an advantage to GOSL. That will drain state's resources proportionately and shorten the duration the state can fight again proportionately.

Having a large army is helpful if it can destroy military assets of LTTE within a short span of time. That is a big "if".

In 80's when other militant organisations were accepting everyone with a pulse, only LTTE had a strong wetting process. Prabaharan said, that he prefers to have one motivated fighter than having 50 less motivated fighers. So LTTE doesnt give two hoots about SL Army's numerical superiority.

Things like SLAF's air superiority and SLA's numerical superiority are not something LTTE hasnt got used to.

Peter said...

NoFake, good idea but we will need to point at username to make sure the numbers match 'cause, I am sure, fakes will copy the number as well.

As for LTTE offensive, I don't think it will happen any time before May/June.

Killinochchi us a grand opportunity to chip away at the SLA's elites and induce fatigue.

Mahinda-Fonseka, with their tough talks, have landed themselves is a situation whereby they have to capture Killi at any cost; otherwise Sinhala public will get demoralised and international media will have a right laugh about "kissing Killinochchi".

If SLA breaches the conventional front lines, LTTE will probably use traps and mines inside the Killi. Thereafter, maybe even some street fighting.

Considering, TF1 and 57D have been their two best preforming units, this is a good opportunity for LTTE.

Looks like VP has outmanoeuvred the modayas once again.

The side who chooses the time and place of a battle often has a slight advantage. Now, the LTTE has chosen Killinochchi during Monsoon period. Mahinda-Fonseka have no option, but to fight it.

NoFake_55778819501 said...


Wipe out tamils figuratively means wiping out the tamil leadership to enable the govt to deny tamil rights.

If the govt is really sincere about devolution of power, then most of the tamils wouldnt mind the destruction of LTTE. But most of the tamils dont want to see the destruction of LTTE as they see them as their best chance for emancipation.

Add that to hordes of tamil diaspora who wants to seek revenge for all the brutal SL state terror acts they have suffered.

Peter said...

LTTE has taken back the Irainamadhu earthbund. One SLA body has been recovered.

Two dozen SLA crossed the moat and took positions on the bund. But when LTTE team attacked, they couldn't get back-uup so they ran off leaving all arms.

NoFake_55778819501 said...


Fakes will no doubt copy the number of my id too, if I become popular that is. But they will be quickly identified by moving the mouse cursor over the id. Only my postings will match with blogger id.

NoFake_55778819501 said...


over time, the readers will remember my id with my number, so fakes having their own ids and number matched will be outed too (eventually I hope).

Peter said...


Comments are more about ideas than IDs.

A fake has been using my name and photo for a long time, but most people get used to it after awhile.
We can only try. I don't think Google envisaged civil wars on blogger.

Rumesh said...

Dear all please try to avoid using filthy remarks and Keep this blogs better than other defense blogs.

NoFake_55778819501 said...

SLA is facing twin tragedies.

One is vastly expanded tiger artillery (remember Fonseka mentioning somewhere in the west, possibly US, that LTTE has acquired more than one hundred artillery). I believe that one hundred estimate does include arti-mortars too. If you are to go by Fonseka's past estimates of tiger strength, there is every chance that he is underestimating on this count too.

And only fools would expect LTTE not to stock up ammunition for all those artileris. Prabaharan mentioned that the outcome of this war will be primarily determined by the explosive power of LTTE, he probably was referring to these stockpiles.

Remember one Zimbabwe ship with 32000 mortar rounds determined the outcome of Jayasikuru. Apparently LTTE had more than 10 ships unloading things for atleast five years. (SL Navy's claim of destroying 10 LTTE ships).

Second tragedy facing the SLA is vastly improved sniper teams of the LTTE. Ask the effects of them from the 53 division who have captured tiger's "first defence line". Several new sniper teams were trained on live targets in the Mannar rice bowl area. They are now wreaking havoc on every frontline.

NoFake_55778819501 said...

Looks like Mahinda's boot lickers are very pissed about supreme court rule regarding petrol price reduction. The supreme court earlier ruled interjunction for the payments of hedging deal. Thereby saving (potentially) millions of dollars to CPC. So it is supreme court's duty to make sure that benefits are passed onto the citizens.

The whole war effort has come down to 20 rupee tax on petrol. LOLS

Peter said...


But, SL will have to pay for the hedging deal. If they don't, borrowing costs will be vastly increased.

Borrowings are also financial instruments. If a country gets a reputation for defaulting on payments, lenders will increase costs to cover risk protection premiums.

Given Sri Lanka always has budget and trade deficits, it has no option over foreign borrowing.

So, one way or another, SL will have to pay for the hedging mistake.

Only thing they can hope for is that the banks compromise on a lower cap at about 40USD. That will save them a few million but given the free fall in oil prices, hedging looks like a 500million scandal.

Peter said...

That is a huge opportunity cost for the Sinhala state. For 500million they could have deployed the next generation Mig-29 based Air Force. Imagine how many Tamil schools and hospitals these planes would have bombed and how many Tamil lives they would have stole. Also, LTTE would have had a difficult time destroying these planes.

Lalith said...

Hi Peoterr

"f LTTE can stop SLA from invading Kili by New Year then the Sinhala child soldiers will surely run back to their mummies in Kandy.

But our great southern Galle soldiers will still fight."

real said...


Thanks for the info.

Peter said...

Another SLA body recovered at Irrainamadhu bund.

Sinhala have walked into their graveyard on the outskirts of Killi.

Jet said...

more than 1100 comments on defencejoker

no more jokes ?


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Thanks to the LTTE Monkeys Defencewire has passed the 1000 posting mark!

Peter said...

DefenceLiar has gone to honourable Defence Ministry to collect his award for his joke 1100 comments.

1000+ posted by people having a laugh at him, not his joke.

Upul said...

There was a further update that 2 km stretch has been liberated by Iyyakam. A multipronged commando raid commenced Saturday morning and the remaining units of the SLA 57th fled in complete disarray, leaving weapons and ammunition behind.

Peter said...


Yes yes yes

Sri Lankan said...

Guess what;
The captured Warrent Officers of the SLA had been while trying to save the Tamil Tigers who were bleeding to death. And then as they were being carried away LTTE had surrounded them and beaten them while killing their injured.